Every Good Break Must Come To An End

Sadly, the fishing trip has come to an end and you just have to suck it up that the break has finished. The time for side casting from below the canopy of the myrtle tree, as the loud chirps of the cicada sound noisily from the trees above. The days of the well passed passing of the water that is gracefully moving on from the mountains above to enter into the area below.

The time for waking up early (before the sun rises) to be out in the fishing chair, totally unplanned mind you, waiting for the sun to shine and check the conditions for fishing has passed. This was a particularly fond memory as you could see the sun rise and the fish almost jump out of the water ready to be caught. I will miss wading into the next corner of river to see if there are larger fish awaiting, unknowingly sitting on the surface picking up the bugs that lay on top of the water.

I’ll try hard not to remember the massive hatches of mayfly, so enormous that my black spinners were not able to handle it, they were collapsing under the pressure.

Although, there is one thing I will not miss and that is the intrepid fear of stepping on a tiger snake as it makes it’s way across the river. Those can be very deadly and very angry when it gets in your way.

I have so many great memories of the trip and look forward to taking this holiday again soon. I’ve taken a great deal of photos along the journey but a photo can’t replace being there. I have already started to prepare for the next visit here and will come better quipped for just how big the fish are here and have the equipment necessary to meet the challenge.

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