A Memorable Trip To The Cook Islands

Last month I was lucky enough to take part in a to the Aitutaki lagoon. This is located in the South Pacific and more precisely, the Cook Islands. I was there for one reason and one reason only, the Bonefish. These guys have a reputation in Aitutaki for being a rather large catch.

Once I jumped off the recliner, I realised it was only my second day into the trip and already my Guide Trevor had helped me track down some huge Bonefish. Therefore, I had to shift my attention to harder pray, such as the Giant Trevally. The issue I had here however is that I was not adequately equipped for the job. The Trevally in Aitutaki lagoon are massive and with my 12wt it was a real challenge to be able to handle their strength when you’re not only fighting against them, but with the sharp coral and reef underneath you.

This challenge was probably one I was not ready for and as such my confidence in my abilities and my gear dropped one notch. Many of my new lines snapped and my trusty reel was on the verge of collapse. On leaving the island I was super pumped about how we did catching the Bonefish, it was an exhilarating experience and one I will not forget soon. Those Trevally though have not seen the last of me and I’ll be back better equipped and full of confidence to have another crack at them.

UPDATE: Well, you’ll be happy to know that we made that second trip and returned to Aitutaki. I was determined to get my comeuppance over this massive fish. After over 40 hours of travel time we made it to our home for the next few days. We were located right in the heart of the town and even better we were within a short stroll of getting straight out onto the beach and fishing. Literally around 150 metre walk to get fishing was a dream.

That afternoon we brought out lines out and had a crack at it and wouldn’t you believe that on the second go a massive Trevally caught on, I got him!! I must admit I had some help again from Trevor this time about getting my casting just right to pick up the fish. The key was making the fish work for it, we had to cast the fly in a somewhat close position to where the fish was, and as soon as they saw it, start to reel it in.

Another great and memorable experience in the Cook Islands and I would highly recommend it to all you fly fishermen out there.

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