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The is a small river a few towns across which I visit on an irregular basis. It is a lessen known fly fishing battery area and this is evident by only the small number of regular anglers who show up there too every so often. It does not offer the best quality fishing going around, but that doesn’t keep the folks away from the area. Like Fishermen’s Angle would say, there are very tricky and wild fish here, casting a line isn’t easy, and there is plenty of leg room to let off steam when you get all wound up in a pile of sticks.

The best part though is you can spend the whole day here, bring a picnic or even camp out the night and the surrounds are none the wiser.

Most anglers have the dream of owning their own getaway house, in the middle of the forest with a creek running nearby, log wood fire nights and days spent casting the line. However, these dreams are hard to acquire when reality sets in and babies, girlfriends, wives and jobs come into play.

That’s what makes this creek escape a true find like no other. The water temperature is perfect for fishing all year round, the edges of the river are lined with foliage and areas fish will breed within and the sun breaks through the canopies to give you the perfect heated spots to stand.

During my time here I’ve caught some great fish, both small and large, met the locals who own properties around the area and been given some very interesting insights. There seems to be a little bit of a rivalry between the local property owners as they tend to send you to all different places as an angler. However, I feel it’s more to keep you away from populating the banks of their property.

Property owners in the region should understand that to keep these areas in the best preservation they can, then it’s best to let the community come on and fish their hearts out. That way everyone does their part to maintain it’s integrity.

I’m interested to know your thoughts on fishing in local streams in and around properties and what should be the policies and general practise for where and when one can fish. Do we all own it or is it something the community owns as a whole? Please let me know in the comments section below as well as mention the types of fish you normally find around your local streams.

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