Welcome to Todd’s Canopies where I undertake fly fishing adventures in the rivers and under the canopies in the great fly fishing spots around the world.

Hopefully you have landed here because you’re interested in learning more about fly fishing or it was just my lucky day. Either way welcome and I hope we can learn new things together here. This blog is about fly fishing and it’s a very close passion of mine. Different anglers view it in different ways, some say that it’s a competition, others refer to it as their hobby. However, I know many fly fisher who refer to it as their desire and overarching compulsion.

What we all enjoy most about this is the ability to get away from the world and escape to a place that feels virtually untouched by man. This can only improve the soul and to ensure that you ensure the ride at home too, I’ve tried to include as many images with each story as I can.

Personally I only like to own fly fishing appeal and gear, fly fishing is my only method of fishing. Every journey undertaken on the blog is an attempt to challenge myself and my abilities and you will notice that some journeys are taken twice as I try to win the day the second time around.

The blog will also attempt to transpose the more technical elements of fly fishing and start a dialog in the comments area and what are the best methods for different scenarios. So don’t be afraid to jump in and add a comment or two along the way.

These journeys will take us all over the world, so please jump on board and click through to enjoy the ride. If you want to join me on the next trip, don’t be afraid to reach out and contact me on the Contact page.